Rent Back

Thanks to the Sell and Rent Back facility, I overcame the desperate cash shortage I was faced with.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rent Back: Rent Back House After Sale

Rent back facility is one scheme that is custom-designed for all those going through a rough financial patch. I'll tell you how it helped me out.

After all the hassles I faced with my accumulating debts, I was looking for a way to get out of it as fast as possible. I had tried other ways. But loans were difficult to get on a credit history like mine where defaults were many. To sell house fast was the ideal way. But then, traditional means of house selling are passé. They take such a long time, months altogether, such that they can be troublesome, not to speak of the frustration they cause because of the delay and the uncertainty that actually lurks over the deal. Much of it is to be blamed on the long sale chain that forms because of the numerous people that have to be contacted to bring about a house sale.

One worry for me in going for quick sale was whether I would have to move my house. But the quick sale experts reassured me of my decision. They informed me of the sell and rent back option which allows you to rent back your house after sale and that too at rates lower than that in the market.

Rent back is a preferable option also when you are planning to migrate to another country. You can sell your house fast and you can stay back for some time by availing to the rent back option and allow yourself good time till you are ready to move out. Also you get hold of enough cash to carry on with your plans.

Thanks to this rent back facility, I have got over the desperate cash shortage I was faced with. And I did not not have to step an inch out of my house. And I also retain the option to buy back my house when my financial situation improves. I have a place to live and my immediate problems are solved.